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Why Do 95% of the Israeli Startups Fail?

The startup nation had a very large graveyard of failures. It’s amazing, only 5% succeed.

  This, by the way, is half of the rate compared to the world, where 10% succeed.

What do they know that we don’t? How can you make sure that you are in that 5% versus the 95?

How Can You Scale Up Your Mid- Size Company?

Technology is great only if it truly solves a problem or satisfies an unmet market need.

Many Hi Tech companies focus on their technology offering when they should be focusing on customer value, meeting market needs and build the right business model.

knowing your customers and how product, marketing, sales and strategy interplay are the basic ingredient for scale.

About Me

Shounit Lax – Founder and CEO

In the past 20 years I’ve held various management roles within hi-tech companies, where I took part or led strategic processes, B2B sales, marketing, roadmap formulation and M&A activity.

Today I am leading Hi Tech companies towards sustainable growth by transforming the business using my Booster Model

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The assessment results will be used to build a Booster Package tailored to the specific organization.

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