If You:

– Have an amazing product but no paying customers

– Are a mid-sized organization but your sales conversion rate is low

– Have a good strategy and plan but having trouble executing

– Feel your customers don’t understand your value, or your product

– Are a Startup organization, after round A, but still struggling to get production contracts

If you ticked on more than one of the above, you are not alone…

The Booster Guide

9 Parameter Model To Boost Your Company

In the past 20 years I’ve held various management roles within hi-tech companies, where I took part or led strategic processes, B2B sales, marketing, roadmap formulation and M&A activity. 

In my last role I was both CPO and CMO. One of the biggest challenges was – How to boost the company’s business, how to transform its assets, technology, and products into revenues, and growing EBITDA?

There seemed to be no connection between the two. The Sales Team was struggling with its booking targets while the product and marketing teams were battling the roadmap and messages.

Something was missing and the company’s business results were below expectations.

The breakthrough came 2 years ago – we were finally able to turn around the declining projections, which led to a successful acquisition by Vista Equity Partners.

I believe other mid-sized companies and startups can make the same shift.

So what’s keeping your business from growing?

Why aren’t your business objectives aligned with your actual results?

My 9 Parameter Model creates significant acceleration and unbelievable business results and provides insight to what is needed:

1. A Blurry Vision – You have a vision, but it is not clear to your customers or employees. A vision is the lighthouse that guides the company’s critical decisions.

2. Undefined Strategic Direction – Your company strategy is all over the place, and not in line with market reality.

3. Technology Isn’t Everything – You’re “in love” with the technology you have invented or chosen to use. Technology, however, is not the actual product and doesn’t always answer market needs.

4. Confusing Marketing Messages – Your pitch must be clear and simple to all: customers, employees, and investors. Your marketing communication in any form, must provide an immediate answer to your customer’s question – What’s in it for me?

5. Objectives are not clear or measurable  – Setting clear and measurable goals is crucial in order to ensure everyone is running in the same direction so you can eventually score.

6. Product vs. Project Orientation – You have become the software house of your first paying customer/s. This is not exactly within your strategy. They will keep pushing for more features that are not generic, preventing you from developing a business model that could potentially reach global scale.

7. Feature-based Roadmap – The Roadmap is where strategy translates into a plan, showing leadership and future plans to your customers. If you do not have a roadmap or your roadmap is a moving target, customers become skeptical, ask questions and lose confidence in your ability to execute and support them in the future.

8. Cost-based Business Model – Your pricing is based on costs and not on the merits of your solution, the value your customer will gain might be substantial for him – much more then what he payed you

9. Team that will not take you there… – One of the keys to a successful startup is having a diverse team in terms of skills, seniority and experience. People who complement rather than compete with one another will be more cohesive and effective. 

The model combined both tactical and strategical steps.

As I believe in agility. Long strategy process are not beneficial in today’s world. Combining the strategy, product, marketing and tactical steps allow you accelerate the results and creates engagement and alignment internally as well.

Wants to hear how this can be translated to your own business?

Do you want to map together your company based on these parameters and build your own acceleration plan?

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